A small step for the car,
one giant leap
for your workshop

At a time when cars can actually talk, it is our professional responsibility to listen. Orio FutureLAB is opening the door to the workshop of the future and you are welcome to come in.

We can make your workshop ready for the future

Orio FutureLAB is a unique opportunity for anyone who wants to be involved in influencing the industry. We are moving quickly towards new and more intelligent workshops and we want you to come along with us on our journey. Book your place now and get access to a wide range of new services and benefits.

  • Receive reports and informative newsletters.
  • Pass offers on to your customers.
  • Take part in market and product tests.
  • Make the most of training opportunities.
  • Play an active role and have a real influence on the industry.

Letting cars interact

We are passionate about making a difference to people's everyday lives and we are working closely on the latest technologies, such as connected cars and augmented reality. Does that sound interesting? The future is nearer than you think. Join us before it's too late.

  • Connected cars
  • Sustainable solutions
  • New exciting interfaces
  • Deliveries using new technologies
Welcome to your future workshop.

Become part of
Orio FutureLAB

Sign up now and join Orio FutureLAB today. Together, we can change the direction that workshops take into the future.

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